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To Do List

The To-Do list is my life right now, and in going to the Blogger site to gather info on customizing my blog further, which I am actually planning to turn into one big to-do list, I found this blog featured, which I think is neat. Basically the thought is turning to-do lists into some kind of self-confessional art. Not really want I want to do, obviously. I just like putting my goals and accomplishments online as a means of motivating myself.

Growing up I would never have expected myself to become so totally immersed in this kind of thing, but the GTD system is exactly what I'm about right now. I have not really looked into this system, but I think it's in line with my current philosophies. Not only am I interested in getting things done, within the last year I have turned the whole process of list-making into a complicated orchestration, and even an investigation of different ways to take notes and make lists. This started probably with my Treo, when I found I could keep books of information in one small device, whether I wanted to start an impromptu novel or write down a street name.

Anyway, there's two aspects of this process. One is to produce the layout or flow of information; the other to format it. The formatting is as important to me as the work-flow. This month's Victoria article on Alexandra Stoddard, "A Room of One's Own" captures my sentiments perfectly. What you write on and with is very important for some people. I prefer electronics to journals, even though it's so much more challenging to get a system that looks "perfect." I'm very sensitive to how things look, and it's hard to channel my thoughts and feelings into a site that is ugly, like MySpace and even Livejournal. Backpackit is the closest thing to perfect I have found, and I mimicked it in my server-side wiki, but I've decided to keep things as simple as they can be, and simply make my own pages in Dreamweaver.

This is a neat little mini-blog. I like to remember the history of the 'Net.

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