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NaNoWriMo 2009

Somehow I always find it hard to believe summer will become winter, and winter will become summer. It's becoming fall now. It hasn't been truly hot since the heavy rainfall this weekend.

I have been thinking about NaNoWriMo. I have never competed successfully two years in a row. Yet there's no reason for me to bow out now. I have the time, and I have the story. I've scarecely written ten pages of prose put together since my novel last November. I don't know what I'd do without this challenge to keep me going. And now I have one more NaNo Livejournal community to keep me going.

Though I have cancelled all my other social accounts, I have become truly needful of Livejournal. The journals and communities are so well-aligned with my interests. A lot of costume and artful blogging and photography.

I took some pictures of Marguerite yesterday. What a mess. Not only can I not remember how to take photos I can't remember how to edit them. My photos got noticeably better as I progressed. There's some at the end of the shoot I will probably share here and with the comms, and the rest in my doll journal. Who would have thought a doll in a lace-covered dress would look awesome with a rusted-out lawnmower in a creek bed? It's very post-apoc., very me.

It's so dreary. My spirits have struggled to stay up all day. I miss a creative space most now. It's hard now, because I'm aware that our rooms aren't "finished," and I do my creative/browsing in coffee shops, which is not relaxing on the whole. Today I got an Awake latte -- very good, also a pumpkin scone for the first time. It seems like everyone has a usual but me. I don't like to have anything twice, though I have a couple of "specials" that I bring out for the hard times -- like the iced white chocolate raspberry mocha -- for those special 10-12 hr. work days. Another would be the white chocolate peppermint. One sip of either of those is like sugar straight to my blood. I can feel the rush.

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