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Spiral Diner

Saturday night the snow had melted off enough to allow us to venture out. This was our second visit to Spiral Diner, an all-vegan restaurant in Fort Worth.

2010 2010-02-13 002

There was a long wait, and we contented ourselves in the vegan market occupying the diner’s foyer. There were some delightful fragrance oils, and I was very tempted by “Nostalgia,” self-described as redolent of several old, empty perfume bottles. I am captivated by beauty that hurts a little, like nostalgia.

2010 2010-02-13 011

2010 2010-02-13 010

We had already had dinner at home, an enchilada pie I made, and ordered coffee and dessert. We made our selections from the dessert case, which had a tempting Valentine’s Day theme. I fell for the sugar cookie. At a cafe or whatnot, I can never resist the seasonal-themed cookie.

It was delicious, with flavors I had never experienced, likely owing to the fact that it contained neither flour, nor sugar, nor butter. I also theorized that the baker had ascribed to the current school of thought that cooking food above a certain temperature destroys its nutritional value, as the cookie was soft and fragile.

2010 2010-02-13 003

I love to be at home, and I love to be in places where others do not aspire to blend with the general populace. The Spiral Diner is one of those places.

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