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Miss Malfunction

Oh my goodness so I am trying to write on my poor computer, whose backspace and P ... pretty much don't work at all anymore. So I have been spending my breaks downloading beautiful fashion mooks um semi-legally which would run me $20-$40 otherwise ... and when I get a computer virus from it ... well, it won't matter much.

And this little POS. Oh my goodness. iWhatever was not made for serious writers apparently. Most people won't complain when their WTFBBQ texts are crashed out, but when I am writing a chapter and ... ? Oh my goodness. I miss my Treo. I know it's wrong but I do.

I also miss my computer working.

Let's see. Well my work life is so different now that I almost feel kind of sick from the reeling changes. You know I want to change my career. You know I do. But I am still here, and I have a completely different supervisor, and things have changed enough I would say it is like I have had a 50% job change. My work day is very different now. It's really that much.

So I wonder every day if I am doing what I should be doing. Will I look back on these dreaming days with sorrow or loathing? Have I wasted my time in the dreaming? I am feeling my way. There is no instruction book. I have to guess. I am passionate about stuffies now, and I have made some competent ones.

I live in a world where I can sell what I like in a little etsy shop. I know this is at least part of my destiny. Every day I am listening to the stars and the aether. I am going back to the writing soon. It has been a long time since I have looked at my first story. I know it is going to be different now and I can't wait. Will it be a shadow box? A doll? A costume?will it be scrawled by hand in a journal start to finish and published on etsy in its unedited state in my handwriting? maybe. :o)

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