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(Serious writer's block ... ) Late night

So I am switching stories again .. and we will start with famous opening lines (almost -- "it was a dark and stormy night" is bad writing, most nights are dark).. 

It was dark and storming ..

(Sorry for my manga-ka asides .. )

From within the laboratory, Cassandra could hear the clatter of Dr. Thorn's polished red nails across her keyboard. She sensed Dr. Thorn was in another bad mood.

She wanted to reach out to her but had no idea how. She knew in the human world their status was disparate. Dr. Thorn was her supervisor, and Cassandra had to focus on the work Dr. Thorn set out for her to do. It was obvious she didn't want to be bothered, and Cassandra couldn't be pushy with her.

But she found she was so lonely. She couldn't connect to any of the other girls in the laboratory at all. This was likely because she was more different from them than they could possibly imagine, but it didn't dissipate the feeling of failure that loomed over her when they frequently whispered to each other.

This doesn't matter, she told herself furiously. Why am I hurt to be left out? I am here for a special reason. One goal, and one alone.

But the days crawled by, Cassandra was constantly occupied, and Dr. Thorn was always there. It was as though she didn't need sleep, and she never drank coffee. Unlike Cassandra -- who had developed quite a caffeine addiction in her effort to keep longer and longer hours. As the days were growing shorter she was feeling a desire to hibernate. She wondered at the physiological change, and it only added to her stress. Surely so early in life she wouldn't start her metamorphosis. If she turned into a wolf in the middle of this campaign it would be a disaster.

She appeared in Dr. Thorn's office doorway. Her eyes were inevitably drawn to the hole she had burned in Dr. Thorn's antique carpet last week. "Do you need anything else?" she asked, praying Dr. Thorn would say yes, and tonight would be the night she would have the opportunity to be alone with the animals.

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