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My story

Today I was overwhelmed with the need to work on my story (stories?), my fantasy world.

There are so many options.

There are two complete novels in existence. One half-finished, which is the prequel, and then the Cassandra story I've written sporadically on this blog as a postlude story. So that was going to be a five book series.

Now that I'm reading Story Structure Architect I don't know if I need to combine these stories into parallels. Now that I'm really thinking about where the core energy and interest lies, it means I'm going to have to let go of some of the things about the stories, which is really painful. I really like the extensive flashbacks and the extra characters, but these stories are so unfocused and just whatever I like is thrown in there.

I have to focus myself on the energies and not get caught up in the surface appeals. I made myself sit here for an hour and work on this pretty cold after probably a year of no editing or structure study.


Now I'm tired.

I have found that after extensive revisiting and re-writing over a period of years I have to re-name my characters or give them a variation to freshen them. For example, over the years Hildegarde has metamorphosed into Germaine, and Gisela is Lind. But that's another story entirely.

Anna to the Infinite Power is a story I read in my childhood that became so important to me. It touched on a fear/fascination of mine of what it would be like to have clones of myself. When I was a child the idea of siblings was frightening and fascinating. There basically are no people my age with the same physical features I have through genetics, and this has had a profound psychological (narcissistic?) effect on me. These characters in my story (not hundreds of them like Anna, but just a few) have the same issue, and their personalities are more like mine, not scientific like Anna, but romantic and grand (and very princess in the tower-like), and their journeys are all self-focused, and as the story unfolds we learn about each one.

Odile - the science experiment, who's fighting against the scientist who's in love with her to discover her real nature and save herself from those who want to kill her
Garnet - who was separated from the man she loves and is being held captive by vampires, is determined to reunite with her love

There was a third, but I never wrote that story, and it doesn't truly intertwine like Odile and Garnet do, who actually really hate each other.

It's really complicated though with so many fantasy races, characters, flashbacks and subplots, and of course lots of love intrigue. What to cut out.

When I was reading my manga Ciel that I'm desperately obsessed with I found a title that first made me think about uniting my two stories. I LOVE this title. It's just a chapter title for Ciel. I've done a search on it, and I can't find anywhere it's been a book title. This title alone has convinced me to write this book for real. When I think about it I feel that tingly weakness in my arms and fingers, a sort of weariness and excitement commingled.

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