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A birthday

Today is my birthday, and I thought a while about what I would do with my time this afternoon. I came up dry on ideas for fun. Perhaps I have been indulging myself too much, or perhaps not enough. For a while I have only known a dry desperation to do whatever it is that I should do. I have lacked clarity about what I should do, even in the immediate sense.

I decided that the only thing I can do that is unequivocally good to me is to work on my stories, so I made a first pass at the beginning of The Immortal. The first pass generally eliminates my superfluous words. A second pass rewrites the scene in new words.

To an extent existing in my site world can be very good to me as well, but only if I have clarity about what it is I should do there. Creating a new site design ended up being a great deal more involved than I thought. There are a lot of tags I didn't know I needed to style, and I got discouraged on trying to find them, so I have left Winter Light in this forlorn mess for weeks.

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Burke Cemetery

This cemetery was near Waterside. We wandered there after dinner. The first, and oldest, grave, mentioned in the historical marker.

Studying with Dolls

In the afternoons, I usually take my laptop or a book to the bed and study, and a doll for company. Gertrude is sitting on my bed desk. I got her in 2015 from the Korean doll company Dollmore. She's a "Flocke" sculpt. Willow is sitting with my headphones. She's made by the Chinese company Angel of Dream. I got her in 2013. She's a "Qing" sculpt.
Two older entries I edited tonight re-posted today's date. However, the original month/year is still visible in the permalink. Looking back on the past often makes me cringe, especially when I remember my own behavior. However, re-reading these entries makes me feel the past is accessible in the sense that I am still holding on to many of the same dreams and desires. This week, for comps, I read two early gothics, James Hogg's The Private Memoir and Confessions of a Justified Sinner , and Charles Brockden Brown's Edgar Huntly; or, a Sleep-Walker , which were very much along the lines of the books that absorbed me from 2005-2007, most of which I read on my Treo from Project Gutenberg. Looking back upon my interests and desires of that time sustains me now, when I have to tap into my reserves every day to keep reading.