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Fort Worth?

Honestly I question if I should be in Fort Worth or even Texas. I don't think I will ever find kindred spirits here. And I am so tired of other people's conformist attitudes. I know I am mostly mad now about the second man to trespass on my land and act like it was more his than mine. But I have been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now.

Who would I be if I lived elsewhere and could branch out? I admit I hate reactions to my differentness so much that I hide myself, but the logical side of it is I have already tried, it is not worth it to try to get others to accept me for myself. The only situations are when they have to live with me on a regular basis, like at work, and they just have no reaction to me after a while.

What if I cast a circle in the middle of the field in broad daylight? Do I really think someone else will start shouting at me or worse? Yes, I really do. It is not paranoia but a logical conclusion from the characters I have picked up on. So should I do it or what?

I am struggling with questions and boundaries and I think I should. I am sweeping back into this need to rebell and express, to break free and apart.

I am going to decide what I want to do and do it, and see what reaction I get. I do not really want to turn into an activist for weird people though. It just wouldn't be worth it somewhere like this.

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