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Gen X etc. / Moon Magic

I have been dividing my time between The Fourth Turning and Moon Magic.

The Fourth Turning is fascinating the way it talks about what is going on right now, even though it was written in 1997. So far everything it's predicted about the media and social attitudes has come to pass. The Millenial/Gen Y still has not come forth and expressed itself. According to the book, the "hero" generation doesn't do that until the time of the crisis itself. Until that time they don't have a collective identity.

Last night I drew the 6 of cups. The 6 of cups is about nostalgia, childhood. This is the second time I've drawn a card like this querying for strength and what will help me get through.

Moon Magic continues to be a turning-point reading for me. I identify most with the author simply for creating a character like this and learning from her. I feel I have done this with Lady Hildegarde, and I reflected on her yesterday to see what she is "doing." I was really surprised.

When I was a child, Lady Hildegarde was powerful and beautiful in a mature sense. She ensnared others with her beauty and charisma. Now I find that Lady Hildegarde is childlike. Her face has changed to like one of a picture postcard from Victorian times-- her hair is still black and curling, but it surrounds a cherubic face with rosy cheeks and innocent blue eyes. No longer does she possess the merciless scarlet mouth.

Instead of a snake-like form behind her actions, mysterious but passionate workings, Hildegarde is completely disarming. She sits in an enchanted glade and makes pretty love charms from herbs and ribbons. She wears aprons with ruffles and lace. I can see her very clearly, and I am as intrigued by her as ever. Instead of asking as I once did, how can I be like you? I am asking, how on earth are you going to live in this world behaving like a pretty child? Won't the witch hunters of Salem Village come after her?

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