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My PSP Coral, and my stories

I'm sorry about the large image previous. That was too important to size down.

I took a last look at my stories, and I'm ready to send them. I will not be preparing a third, because "The Captive," my ultimate choice, just isn't suitable. I have to be honest with myself in that I am revising the situation, and the novel, to a vision different from before, and different from this story, and as it is, it just isn't what I want to write. I have two stories ready, and I certainly don't want to forget the whole thing because I don't have three, as I originally promised myself.

Waking up this morning was interesting. I have had troubled sleep for months now. I wake up with gritted teeth and a sore jaw, and during the night I end up flopping on my stomach, or some convoluted position that puts me out of joint. Everything snaps back together when I rise, which is quite a jolt. Normally these physical symptoms are accompanied by feelings of intense dread or regret not immediately attributable, which usually dissipates into a clouded melancholy that lingers through the day. Welcome to adulthood.

On Sunday I bought a PSP from Best Buy along with a little bit of gear: a 4 gB Memory Stick Duo and media management software. Coral, as I am calling her, is loaded with MP3's and bookmarks. Aside from playing games and watching movies, this will be a very convenient MP3 player since I am reactivating my Treo 650 one of these days. An all-in-one device has been advantageous, but I am already feeling the benefit of separating my organizer and entertainment equipment. PSP's are meant to be hand-held gaming devices, but I don't have any games, and it hasn't occurred to me to buy any.

I am really looking forward to getting back to ordinary time after I submit these stories. I have been focusing myself on them and have been unable to write on Cinderella or any of my other serials, or my re-write The Awakening.

Also at the moment I am re-designing my site. I read about a third of my design book over the weekend and discovered several problems with my design, other than the scheme, that have always bothered me. I'm looking forward to fixing things. I have been uncomfortable with the look of my web presence(s) for a while now and have some good ideas about how to consolidate my writing and photos. I am taking away my other web projects, since I have already far too many open projects. Everything I do will ideally come through this site and be well-organized enough that it will belong.

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