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Gothic literature

Yesterday I picked up a couple things again I had stopped reading: The Cenci, The Tale of Terror and The House of the Spirits. Sunday I revised several pages of my book and have felt inspired since to remain in a literary state. I still don't have a title for it, but I am not going to rush that.
I have realized with every book I've written that I will put things down that don't make sense to me, but fall into place later. There was something that Hildegarde (now Germaine) said in the very first draft that I have kept through all of these drafts, and only yesterday I realized what she meant. I felt like that sentence remained because I did respect her enough not to obliterate what she said because I didn't understand. I have found too a difference between imperfections I put in my work, and what the characters do, that doesn't make sense but needs further thought and clarification. Sunday night I started to believe in them again in the old way, and I have believed since.
There are a few things in Red Rose I put down without understanding, and some I still don't understand. It will have to rest for a while, like bread, before I try revising it again. The title was something I didn't understand until the very end, and then I felt proud of it. Red Rose, sort of to be reckoned with Bloody Mary or Bloody Blanche. I liked that very much.
So, I want to tell you, that wherever I'm at in life, and not necessarily making a grand success of anything at the moment, today I believe in unicorns again, I believe in Germaine and Gisele, and that one day I will see the places I've seen and people I've met in my mind. It is not original to me, it's not what I'm making up, it does come from somewhere outside of me, and that is why I feel uneasy when I spend too much time doing things I do make up, like graphic work or crafts.

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Two older entries I edited tonight re-posted today's date. However, the original month/year is still visible in the permalink. Looking back on the past often makes me cringe, especially when I remember my own behavior. However, re-reading these entries makes me feel the past is accessible in the sense that I am still holding on to many of the same dreams and desires. This week, for comps, I read two early gothics, James Hogg's The Private Memoir and Confessions of a Justified Sinner , and Charles Brockden Brown's Edgar Huntly; or, a Sleep-Walker , which were very much along the lines of the books that absorbed me from 2005-2007, most of which I read on my Treo from Project Gutenberg. Looking back upon my interests and desires of that time sustains me now, when I have to tap into my reserves every day to keep reading.