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Lately I am reverting to journals again. For the past year I have written very little in journals, but now I find I need to reflect again, catch my breath more regularly and consciously.

On the way home this weekend I was looking over my Treo journal entries from two years ago. I could remember each detail as I read it. I remembered those days. I have begun to feel like my really good days are passing me by and are lost to forgetfulness, so I decided to start doing a Treo journal again. It's more awkward with the updated software, but I can manage it.

I also finally remembered the password to my freeware journal, so I have been able to look over entries I did write in the past year.

In Winter Light too I can see how the pendulum swings. I have put little original content here lately. I miss the days when I would post so many photos and even voice posts. I know I did it out of boredom, but right now, I miss being bored.

My written journal has been devoted to recipes lately. I confess, I spend time reading them like other people watch television. When I get home and am too tired to do anything useful, I grab a cook book and go through it, taking notes on what I want to make. I am astounded by how much I have made. I make about three new dishes a week now.

I get comfort and joy from reading the recipes and imagine the occasions when they would be used, especially Christmas time or Saturday mornings.

Since I have so many recipes now, I have started compartmentalizing my study by theme. Right now I am on Coca cola recipes. I have at least two, maybe three, to try in the next couple of weeks.

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