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Flowers and herbs this spring and summer

This is what I just purchased -- so I will remember, and also where I plan to put them:

The herb garden - possibly on the side of the shed to give it some relief from the sun (plants that require full sun don't want the kind of full sun that Fort Worth can offer them, I have learned)
Achillea millefolium cv. (White Yarrow)
Angelica archangelica (Angelica)
Artemisia absinthium cv. (Wormwood)
Pogostemon heyneanus (Patchouli)

Mentha cv. (Moroccan Mint) - in a pot
Pelargonium cv. (Attar of Rose Geranium) - in a pot

Polygonum odoratum (Vietnamese Cilantro) - kitchen garden, replacing a dead pepper.

Rosa cv. (Cinderella Miniature Rose)
Rosa rugosa rubra (Tomato Rose)

The roses will go in a row with my other two roses, which have survived ice storms and paint being dumped all over them, since it is obviously a good area, also very airy.

Thymus pulegioides cv. (Pennsylvania Dutch Tea Thyme) - kitchen garden, replacing a dead pepper.

Additionally I would like to separate my "food" garden from non-food herbs. The rue is doing poorly in the kitchen garden, so I'm going to move it elsewhere. One spot will go to the parsley, which is currently in a pot.

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