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Merry every day

I added a new goal to my sidebar ... !

I have pretty much mastered the others.

  • Not to use curse words.
  • Drink only one beverage a day that has calories.
  • Go to bed on time every night.

I have occasional slips but for the most part they have become second nature. So I decided I am ready to make this a "real" goal.

What is "merry?"

Merry is different from happy, merry is different from joyful. I think of happy as transitory and externally-motivated. I think of joyful as God and choirs of angels and other things that make me twitchy. 

I think of merry as kind of heathen. Merry is internally-movitated. Merry is something you can be even when you are doing something bad. Merry is not dependent on large or serious things. I don't need to wait for something wonderful to happen in order to be merry. I don't need to be filled with faith (twitch, twitch) to be merry. 

All I have to do, is remember. 

I remember why I am here. I remember my past lives. I think about my present one. What a lot of baggage! And I realize all this heavy stuff is not the point in my life. It's the obstacle in my life. I get rid of it by being merry. 

I think of the things that make me merry. I think about pretty tea cups, flowers, cosmetics in the discount bin, and I realize that I was born to be exactly the person that I am now, that I am fulfilling my destiny completely by being merry. I lose place and time, I lose "goals," I say, sorry, career responsible people, this is just a seven to three thirty job for me, thank you for the check, though!

I remember to say thank you, I smile a lot! Sometimes I outfriendly the barista. I did today, so that's it for me today. 

I succeed at this one nearly every day now. When I meditate and find the center of myself, I reach toward the merriment. It is almost a subconscious practice that I can do in a matter of seconds.

So I am ready to make this a goal, because it is the reason for my whole life. It is the reason I take each breath. 

When I am merry, I begin to smile and sparkle at the shadows I hate and fear. I am free as I am  reading Shakespeare in summer grass. 

I am thinking of my next challenge being taking a photo every day of my tea cup and briefly describing my tea. 

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