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15 min. writing self-challenge

Cassandra stepped into a coffee shop that was cool and dark in contrast to the blinding light outside. The odors of coffee and fresh pastries wafted even through the doorway with each swing of the door to the patrons at rest in the patio chairs outside.

She needed a moment to collect herself before her big interview.

She stepped up to the coffee bar and met the gaze of a tall, slender man with long, pale hair and sea-green eyes. He gazed back at her penetratingly for a moment before he collected himself to take her order.

Cassandra realized with a slightly dazed feeling that he wasn't human. Could this be one of the angels rumored to be colonizing Cristalle? She tried not to pay any more note to him and focused herself on her order.

As she scanned over the daily offerings she was filled with self-doubt, derived probably from her pending interview with a great idol of hers. She had no idea if her coffee order should say something about her, be the opposite of all that she was, be parsimonous or extravagant.

She ordered a masala coffee redolent with spices and mystique, something whose odor would transport her for a while to a gypsy caravan under the desert sun.

"My personal favorite," the man behind the counter commented, to which Cassandra did not have a reply.

Because there were no customers in line behind her he started on her order immediately, and Cassandra watched his deft, efficient work as he ground, spiced and brewed her coffee.

He gave her a backward glance after a moment. "So what are you doing today?" he asked.

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