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Alexandra Stoddard notes

Daily rituals: when you create a ritual you are a poet in your own life.

  • Manicuring, painting nails. This should be fun, but I can't stand doing it. I need to buy some more exciting nail accessories, like sparkling top coat, or top coat with decals.
  • Bathing. I dislike the harsh overhead lighting. I'm still seeking an ambient lighting solution.
  • Cleaning house. Today I put the cleaning solutions in an old gift bag, and I'm not going to keep the solutions and rags under the sink any more, because they get cruddy, and they're already gross anyway. I have some pretty purple cleaning gloves, an apron, and I need to tie my hair up for that.
  • Cleaning kitchen. This would happen ideally every day, after dinner, when I don't feel like doing anything else. I would like to program in a time around 8 p.m. to get the home in order before I start getting ready for bed so that clutter doesn't accumulate every week.
  • Cooking. Spending some time preparing, like putting my hair up and putting on an apron. Also lighting a food-scented candle.
  • Watering plants. My method of using rusted-out tea kettles is inelegant, as is fitting them under the faucet to fill them. Water sloshing on the carpet on the way to the porch is annoying. Buying a fancy watering can right now isn't a good fit for me though.
  • Sewing. How to keep my back from aching? How to do it for less than seven hours at a stretch? It sucks me in, and then I get burned out and won't finish a project.
  • Syncing Treo and PSP to the computer every day. This would be a relaxing thing to come home and do after work each day. Looking over the notes I took on my Treo each day would jog my memory and creativity and help me link my daily ideas with daily production. I would like to have a pot of tea, candle, and one of my playlists handy.

Grace Notes - Chapter 1

  • When you feel overwhelmed, attend to necessary task that will please you.
  • Rejuvenate yourself with an art book. I.E. My Pre-Raphaelite and fairy tale books. I have put them on the bureau shelf to have them handy.
  • Spray cologne in a box of stationary. I.E. Angelfire.
  • Buy a small, distinctive item from a specialty store. I.E. Beautiful-colored threads or yarns.
  • Line inside of closet door with art postcards. I.E. I would do this on the bathroom door, and I wouldn't limit myself to art postcards since I can scan and print whatever I want from books.
  • Mark new seasons with childhood reminiscences. I.E. Spring - Easter baskets. Summer - Snow cones. Fall - Campfires. Winter - Walks in the woods.
  • Hang a favorite quilt behind a sofa or love seat (I don't know about that).
  • Be three minutes early for next appt. and wait calmly.
  • Lift your mood with a new fragrance.
  • Pinon incense from Santa Fe.
  • Burn calories as you tidy up.
  • Do yoga or sit ups on my mat when I'm tense.
  • Take a few min to be alone every day. Take some time from work on break to recollect and take notes on creative work.
  • Daydreaming helps the brain.
  • Walk to appts. Exercise esp. before being confined to a conference room.
  • Plan wardrobe around 2-3 colors.
  • Buy a set of colored pencils, display on writing desk. I have some really good ones. I could do that.
  • Make your own quotation book. I have a lovely free one on my Treo, but I don't add anything to it. I will try to make a point to to do that. It will make my reading more interactive too.
  • Make a personal source guide. Order by phone or mail if possible. Computer shopping guide with links and item #s would be better, especially if I made one especially for clothes and accessories, and one for home decor.
  • Keep a careful datebook, weed it out each month.
  • Have a special basket for the mail.
  • Insert perfume extract on phone (not sure how to do this with my Treo)

Foods, corn on the cob
Sewing basket, wonderfully decorated
Life is too short for you to be caretaker of the wrong details.

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