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Black dahlia Pt. I

I have no writing challenge for today. At least, not for this morning. I need to be in my own head for a while, because it seems like my mind has been disembodied lately. I have been doing a lot of paperwork lately, which puts me in a trance state, and when I come home I resist journaling or Alexandra Stoddard-ing and go stick my head in something where I don't have to think creatively or express. This has led to me feeling really depressed when I reconcile with my writing goals.

Last night I had a dream that scared me so deeply. It was basically surrounding the murder of the Black Dahlia. There was an article in my last Gothic Beauty of a Black Dahlia movie which had stuck in my mind as being of poor quality. I was particularly struck by the fact that it never explained much about the Black Dahlia, though perhaps she's a gothic staple. Since I gave up on submitting a resume to Gothic Beauty I think the article stuck in my mind for whatever reason, and I did end up having a dream about the Black Dahlia, and the amount of information I do have about her murder. I will have to explain that, and also the other thing that inspired the dream, in another post. It will be violent, and I will warn before I write. I'm tired of having a G-rated journal any longer, but I will be responsible for it.

I also want to mention before I have to go that this is the second time I have felt God when I woke up. It's not a very good feeling. It's a strange feeling. I want to talk about this and the other dream more in depth.

Well, this was basically a post about what I need to post about.

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