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Flooring changes

Saturday afternoon we drove out to the house to see how renovations are coming. The kitchen looked like this!

Weston Gardens 2009-08-01 001

I was so surprised to see all the flooring ripped up. It was formerly linoleum, apparently over a different linoleum, over plywood, over hardwood which had rotted in places, over these pine beams, and beneath these pine beams are air and dirt.

Weston Gardens 2009-08-01 003 

Later in the afternoon I met our floor person for the first time and he mixed a couple different stains for us. We are going with a medium tone to hide scarring and staining in the original flooring. Above is the sanded floor. It’s hard to believe the floorboards are sixty years old. Once they are sanded, they look like new, although when the floor person stained an old board and new one side by side it was easy to see the difference between them. Older boards take on a lot more stain than newer ones.

Weston Gardens 2009-08-01 005

Here’s our new carpet upstairs. Our style is “Harvest,” our color “Pebble.” I feel most comfortable in these upper rooms. I love the bright light that comes in and love being amid the trees and looking over the courtyard, or what will be a courtyard when I plant it.

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