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Planning the gardens

After finishing up at the house we went over and toured the local nursery, which grows plants particularly suited to the North Texas climate. I found a lot of inspiration there.

I want to have a multitude of pepper plants for our vegetable plot. The side of the house near the kitchen is shady. I visualize that as a good place for a gothic/medieval garden, with blackberry vines, various herbs and spices and the more delicate, night-blooming plants. Everything I liked had either white or purple blooms.

This is a Bella Lugosi hibiscus, which is definitely on my want list.

Weston Gardens 2009-08-01 020

There was also a butterball hibiscus which was appealing, as well as the candy lilies below. I would love to have a more Candyland-type garden to the side of the sewing room where I can derive inspiration for my clothes and doll styles. I am trying to keep my cotton candy-colored hydrangeas alive long enough to make it to the new place.

Weston Gardens 2009-08-01 008 

I would like to put the vegetable plot a little further away from the house. There is a space between the two barns that seems ideal with a moderate amount of sunlight. The courtyard area is sunny, but it has a nice lawn, and with a little landscaping it would be so pleasant that it would be better suited to entertaining than growing vegetables.

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