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Welcome to the Excelsior, Jefferson, Texas

2010 2010-04-18 015

He signs our names in the Excelsior's register. Famous names are under a glass case in the reception room. We wonder if one day our names will be framed. This page has a double chance, since we both have dreams of achievement.

2010 2010-04-17 005 

The carpeting is red; the walls white paneling.

2010 2010-04-17 001 

The rooms are appointed with vintage decor. I have had a great love for fashion plates lately.

2010 2010-04-18 019

This painting suggests my favorite time period, the 1840's, and my favorite style, dramatic parted hair, bead choker and portrait neckline.

  2010 2010-04-17 023 

The roses in the courtyard were incredibly fragrant.

2010 2010-04-17 025 

We had the hotel to ourselves when we chose to explore, and the courtyard that morning felt like our own as we breakfasted and wandered.

2010 2010-04-17 027 

2010 2010-04-17 028 

The lush Southern growth was a balm to my senses.

2010 2010-04-18 010 

The dining room. We regretted not signing up for breakfast.

2010 2010-04-18 011 

We would have eaten at an antique table under this chandelier.

2010 2010-04-18 020

2010 2010-04-18 014 

The receptionist gave us details about this needlepoint. An original resident of the home preceding the Excelsior worked it over many years of her life and never finished it. She designed it herself; it is huge, and I was amazed.

2010 2010-04-18 017 

Being a fellow needleworker to the receptionist herself, I expressed my interest, and she obliged us by showing the rooms where the young woman had lived. The maid was making up the room while we were there; hence no bedspread.

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