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as above, so below

What does it mean to look not with the eyes but with the heart? I didn't really know what that meant. It's not as sappy as it sounds. I've been talking a lot about the astral plane without knowing what that really means, but I guess I read enough from Doreen Valiente and Dion Fortune to take my own definition.

As above, so below, for every physical entity, there is a spiritual entity. Additionally, remembering past lives is achived through spiritual memory, not physical memory. For me, the world around me is my teacher. I can see myself, conflicts and challenges that come up, sometimes completely unexpectedly, exposing my vulnerabilities and unsoundness. I see it through my spiritual eyes, I see this map of my life like some kind of thermo-topographical map with red areas and blue areas, and I can figure out what I need to know by looking at the map.

To an extent that makes tarot irrelevant, doesn't it? But sometimes I can't always see, and the tarot has so far lent me clarity on every occasion.

Right now I feel the need to share a lot about diversity and tolerance. The article about Learning to speak horse that I published to my Tumblr meant a lot to me, because sometimes your way of communication may be completely opposite to another person's way.

The hardest thing about tolerance, is tolerating very narrow-minded people. I feel hypocritical even saying that, but I struggle with it, and I'm even more horrified when I see glimpses of those behaviors in myself. What you have to do is, forgive yourself, and move on.

Other random little things,

I was thinking that when you feel jealous of someone, that's a high power situation, but beneath this self-conflict there's a lot of opportunity for change and positive growth. I struggle with jealousy a lot, because I'm so insecure. One thing is, you can realize one look you can have, or one thing you can do, that they would never ever in a million years be able to carry off, but how excellent it is for you, and do it. That's the one thing that works for me.

Otherwise, just breathe. It's a really powerful thing to think you can minister to and make others happier just by being your authentic self, but that is the only thing that can really make things better for other people.


1. I'm a vegetarian not a lesbian, but same difference to so many intolerant people. I would totally be one if I wanted to be, and I know on that unseen "astral" level even the most narrow-minded people know that.

2. If you are offering me friendship in order to convert me to your religion, you are walking down a well-traveled path, believe me. Don't waste your time, instead think about what it is that makes you special and unique.

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