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Canoeing and eternity

We went canoeing for three hours on Caddo Lake near Jefferson. It was something we had not done since college, and it raised for me sweet feelings from the past.

Canoeing was the only KINE I could take with any success. Now that I understand myself a little better, it makes perfect sense. Rather than disrupting or challenging, you are using your energy to transport yourself, quietly. Canoeing is useful and good. Things with balls or instruments that hit balls are bad.

 2010 2010-04-17 031   

It also reminded me of my oft-canoeing partner, who happened to be rowing with me, who is my husband, and I felt a deep sense of connection to my past with him. 

2010 2010-04-17 038   

This old boat was branded a Chrysler and looked like it was from the '70's. We liked that.

2010 2010-04-17 043

I thought this house was interesting. It looks like a double wide and a single somehow connected together.

2010 2010-04-17 044 

Welcome to eternity. Tonight my heart is sorrowing. I am thinking about marriage. I am thinking about people who have been divorced, and I am sorrowing. I am hurting for people who feel lonely.

2010 2010-04-17 045

Tonight marriage and eternity can be the same thing. When you marry the lover of your youth it is as though your beloved carries that part of you. He remembers you, and you remember yourself. You remember each other, when you might have forgotten yourselves thousands of times.

2010 2010-04-17 049

    2010 2010-04-17 053

So after our canoeing journey we were absolutely ravenous. Oh, my gosh, we found this coffee shop and got delicious sandwiches and fancy flavored lattes, and nothing was ever so good in my whole life.

And when I look over my memories, it is these afternoons that I will remember, when I am dying, and it will be enough.

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